BlackFighter is a multiplayer game. Users can play with multiple users is the same time. We are using Photon Engine for the multiplayer server. No compromised with performance.
Realtime Chatting
Not only fight with the users, but also user can chats with other users, and it is realtime.
It is an action game. A player can fight with their weapons. every user will use weapons/guns to kill other users.
Users can select a character from the NFT list. There is no restriction but need to buy the NFT then it will show in the character list. Also, the user can customize the character
Play to Earn game's main power is NFT. Our NFT will be available in OpenSea/Binance NFT marketplace. Users can buy and sell their NFT from that marketplace.
Users can earn money by staking their tokens. We will use a staking platform to list our tokens for Staking, waiting for the fair launch.